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  • Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Stick it to the Man!

    Okay, couple of suggestions relating to the prohibition of online gambling in the US.

    1) Vote the bastards out.

    2) United States online poker players could potentially wreak havoc with gold futures. I say let's do it.

    3) If you see the man, stick it to him. Frist would be a good start there.

    4) Long term memory. Keep it, for all of the cowards out there in the online poker gambling world, remember who they are and vow never to set foot in their online sorry ass for a casino excuse when this all blows over after we actually do stick it to the man.

    5) Boycotts. Let's find something to boycott as a ymbolic gesture of our displeasure. Since booze, cigarettes, sex and gasoline are out, how about we boycott grapes....yeah grapes....Fuck grapes...that'll send a message.

    6) Home games and pokerpaloozas. Underground drinking and gambling establishments. Oh yeah, now we're talking.

    7) Puke on the people behind the legislation in the first place. The Brick and Mortar houses, race track sports establishments and the religious right. I plan to vomit in as many of these establishments as possible. I say ruin their gd carpets.

    8) Protest creatively. Create some nice proposition bets related to heckling the political hacks that fell for this drivel.

    9) Start a run on US Banking. Ooooh, I like that one. Let's pick a day and withdraw everything from our accounts. Get all online US gamblers to withdraw every penny from their banking institution on day number 270. Burn baby burn.

    10) Groove on the rubble. Yeah, let's groove on the rubble.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    This Post Speaks for Itself!

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    Omaha Hi Hand Analysis/Situation

    Seat 1: waderaide (1,485)

    Seat 2: poker_pat5000 (1,358)

    Seat 3: Scarbrough (1,028)

    Seat 4: bjudge16 (1,500)

    Seat 5: SPAM MUSUBI (1,500)

    Seat 6: knysch (2,601)

    Seat 7: wildbilld111 (1,500)

    Seat 8: jimbo069 (1,500)

    Seat 9: Squib (1,028)

    poker_pat5000 posts the small blind of 15

    Scarbrough posts the big blind of 30

    The button is in seat #1

    *** HOLE CARDS ***

    Dealt to Squib [Ah 2h Th 4c] technically, I should not play this hand in Omaha Hi due to the dangling 10, but I chose to as it was a bit cheap, early and it was suited to the also turns out that I was able to limp with it.

    bjudge16 folds

    SPAM MUSUBI folds

    knysch calls 30

    wildbilld111 calls 30

    jimbo069 calls 30

    Squib calls 30

    waderaide calls 30

    poker_pat5000 calls 15

    Scarbrough checks

    *** FLOP *** [2d 4h Ts] I pair each of these cards on the flop, since the only real drawing hand out there to beat me is the low hand, which is a possibilty with so many callers, I have 6 outs to the boat. In addition, the only hand that really kills my outs is if someone else happens to hold two tens....

    poker_pat5000 checks

    Scarbrough has 15 seconds left to act

    Scarbrough has timed out

    Scarbrough checks

    knysch checks

    wildbilld111 checks

    jimbo069 bets 30 probe

    Squib raises to 300 Hey, look at me, I am actually in position with this hand. The checkers have all told me that they have not hit a set here, since the flop was a rainbow, there is no flush draw here either, making me think that my 2 pair is the best hand and that there are no real draws out there...if I allow another card to come, one of these hands could hit a set and corrupt my two pair. Since the only playable preflop starters for OHi, are AAxx and KKxx, I bet out here to take the pot. I don't want to slowplay this hand, or I lose it without hitting one of my 6 outs.

    waderaide folds

    Scarbrough is sitting out

    poker_pat5000 folds

    Scarbrough folds

    knysch folds

    wildbilld111 folds

    jimbo069 folds

    Uncalled bet of 270 returned to Squib

    Squib mucks

    Squib wins the pot (270)

    *** SUMMARY ***

    Total pot 270 | Rake 0

    Board: [2d 4h Ts]

    Seat 1: waderaide (button) folded on the Flop

    Seat 2: poker_pat5000 (small blind) folded on the Flop

    Seat 3: Scarbrough (big blind) folded on the Flop

    Seat 4: bjudge16 didn't bet (folded)

    Seat 5: SPAM MUSUBI didn't bet (folded)

    Seat 6: knysch folded on the Flop

    Seat 7: wildbilld111 folded on the Flop

    Seat 8: jimbo069 folded on the Flop

    Seat 9: Squib collected (270), mucked

    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Completing in 7 Card Stud

    Completing your bring in in 7 card stud should be a RARE act. You never want to advertise the strength of your hand and there is almost no value in completing a bring in without a hand (bluffing). Let's just say that you are dealt AAA...if you complete, then what are you saying? You are saying, "Hey I have at least one more Ace!" and you may only get action from one player. That is a terrible value for that hand. Now let's say that you have 444...and you you are saying that "I am rolled up" and you might get folds all around. Not what you want.

    Say you have nothing and you complete. You may run into another player with AA3 who will call you, and you have just let go of chips unnecessarily. Anyway, never advertise the strength of your hand unnecessarily. In 7 Card stud, you WANT action! If you push action away, you will just see your stack bleed away from the antes.

    The biggest Douchebag play in 7 Card stud is to COMPLETE your Bring in! Do that as a short stack and players will likely raise and cap you just to put you in jeopardy. That play screams NEVER and I AM A DICK!

    Now when would you make an exception? You are in position to the bring in, and your table is short. You show an Ace up with nothing under. You may want to complete to steal the antes and the bring in here, and because you will be first to act on 4th street. If you get a call from the bring in, then you must bet out on 4th street as well to induce the fold. If not, you better dump any unimproved hand on 5th. This is an over practiced bluff in 7 card stud and it only works well when the people that you are playing with actually see you fold hands with an Ace up...if you never fold an Ace up, then buddy, I want a game with you!

    Completing a bring in would only ever be done if you are at a final table with few people left and you want to send a shiver up a good players spine. I would only ever do it, if I had a semi playable hand like QQ2 or 654sooted...and I would only do it to get into my opponents heads. I would never do it with a solid hand like 444, because I WANT ACTION!

    7 Card Stud RnG games are some of the softest games online. If you would like to sign up at Full Tilt Poker (where there are some juicy stud donkeys) use the link on this site or use TWISTEDOREOS as a sign up code for a bonus.

    Thanks for reading.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006


    The biggest thing in HORSE is that you have to be very careful not to get to Razz with fewer than your opening chips, less normal blinds. For me, this means that I play very tight in the first round of LHE, as so many people chase with the low blinds.

    O8, you just have to play the hands that make sense, which most of the time means that O8 will pass without you playing a hand, unless you have the BB. Usually, there is so much O8 action in the first session, only 3 or 4 O8 hands make.

    This brings you to Razz and in the first round you can destroy, as players early will play poor starters, and remain in denial when you have the best hand. You do have to be careful, but by then you should have identified the better players at the table. I have almost ALWAYS taken the chip lead in Razz at this point.

    Play the Stud hands normally, and by the time you get back around to LHE, you will have several short stacks who will push and with your chip lead you can sometimes chase and break a few players with the right odds.

    LHE is the game that destroys players, much more than Razz in the later rounds. As blinds increase, you wind up playing a lot more LHE hands than any other, with limited chances to steal. If you go into the second round short stacked, you will need to get very lucky.
    O8 in the second round will find the remaining short stacks pushing really bad hands. Here and in Razz is usually where the play gets down to 4, if you are lucky 3.

    Then if you just play the games as you would normally, you have a very strong chance to win. Almost NOONE knows how to play Razz short handed. Think Dewey Tomco with a good starter and push the heck out of the others, you can bleed them here big time.

    HORSE is available only at Full Tilt Poker at this time, although word has it that HORSE is currently being beta tested at Stars. FTP hosts a very popular big money Sunday night HORSE event that is a lot of fun.

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Loose Aggressive Play

    This is a reply that I made to another Poker blog that I will be linking on the left. ColdE aka Huck has a nice discussion going on over at

    I have experiemented with a lot of different styles of play, including as everyone knows Loose Aggressive. The two hardest styles to play are "calling station" and "weak tight"...those are generally big money losers.

    There is another secret to playing a maniacal style of Poker, and that is to play much farther below your tolerance. In other words, make sure that you have TWICE the typically recommended bankroll for the limits that you wish to play.
    This does two things:1) It increases your cojone factor and2) You can survive the severe swings of outrageous poker.

    Another tip here is to micromanage your losses and that requires stellar post flop play and the ability to make quality reads on your opponent and trust your instincts. By micromanaging your losses, you want to be selective about the pots you play with "any two cards", and you still must play hands that can make in some manner without presenting you with very difficult post flop decisions.

    That is why Panger is correct about Q2s being a bad hand even for a maniac. The better hands are middle connected cards, one and two gappers, ARagsooted (never ARag) and hands that can make big hands and give your opponent a difficult read.

    You still have to vary your play as well, so that people will consider you a "dangerous douchebag with some skill"...silent but deadly.

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Table Image

    Many online players like to limp in to pots with any two cards early in the hopes of catching a big hand, and many times they do, but this practice punishes them in later rounds. Establishing a tight table image early is essential and it will give your late preflop raises the respect that they deserve.

    Those who have played loose early often wind up with a huge hand and get themselves called, only to see their Aces cracked when they get action from more than one player. From the sidelines, these are the players that love to claim that poker sites are rigged or berate someone for making such a bad call, but the player only has his early play to blame here.

    The secret to establishing the proper table image early? Fold. Do not play marginal hands like A rag, tiny pocket pairs, low suited connectors, etc... stick to premium hands, it may take a bit of time to catch these hands early, but by folding, you will establish the image that you really need when you need to steal blinds and force out action later.