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  • Saturday, July 15, 2006


    The biggest thing in HORSE is that you have to be very careful not to get to Razz with fewer than your opening chips, less normal blinds. For me, this means that I play very tight in the first round of LHE, as so many people chase with the low blinds.

    O8, you just have to play the hands that make sense, which most of the time means that O8 will pass without you playing a hand, unless you have the BB. Usually, there is so much O8 action in the first session, only 3 or 4 O8 hands make.

    This brings you to Razz and in the first round you can destroy, as players early will play poor starters, and remain in denial when you have the best hand. You do have to be careful, but by then you should have identified the better players at the table. I have almost ALWAYS taken the chip lead in Razz at this point.

    Play the Stud hands normally, and by the time you get back around to LHE, you will have several short stacks who will push and with your chip lead you can sometimes chase and break a few players with the right odds.

    LHE is the game that destroys players, much more than Razz in the later rounds. As blinds increase, you wind up playing a lot more LHE hands than any other, with limited chances to steal. If you go into the second round short stacked, you will need to get very lucky.
    O8 in the second round will find the remaining short stacks pushing really bad hands. Here and in Razz is usually where the play gets down to 4, if you are lucky 3.

    Then if you just play the games as you would normally, you have a very strong chance to win. Almost NOONE knows how to play Razz short handed. Think Dewey Tomco with a good starter and push the heck out of the others, you can bleed them here big time.

    HORSE is available only at Full Tilt Poker at this time, although word has it that HORSE is currently being beta tested at Stars. FTP hosts a very popular big money Sunday night HORSE event that is a lot of fun.

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    Blogger bender2004 said ... (3:22 PM) : 

    Thanks for busting me in the Razz SNG squib :) I agree, I'm not good at LHE so I usually don't play unless I have a great hand, Omaha 8/b Too much action the first go round. Razz is my best game and usually where I make my move. 2nd go round of Omaha 8/b and Razz is where I try and dominate. As for Dewey Tomko, I recommend very aggressive but not suicidal. Good post brotha.


    Blogger Squib aka TwistedOreo said ... (5:48 PM) : 

    Yeah, at the end of that SnG, I just ran out of time to play so I went wild. I am sure if I didn't have to be somewhere, I would have taken that one down....but, I still think that in the end the best way to play the Razz portion of HORSE is to play almost any 3 cards that have not paired, or any 3 cards if 2 or more are not face cards..and jam it if your face card is not up.


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