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  • Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Stick it to the Man!

    Okay, couple of suggestions relating to the prohibition of online gambling in the US.

    1) Vote the bastards out.

    2) United States online poker players could potentially wreak havoc with gold futures. I say let's do it.

    3) If you see the man, stick it to him. Frist would be a good start there.

    4) Long term memory. Keep it, for all of the cowards out there in the online poker gambling world, remember who they are and vow never to set foot in their online sorry ass for a casino excuse when this all blows over after we actually do stick it to the man.

    5) Boycotts. Let's find something to boycott as a ymbolic gesture of our displeasure. Since booze, cigarettes, sex and gasoline are out, how about we boycott grapes....yeah grapes....Fuck grapes...that'll send a message.

    6) Home games and pokerpaloozas. Underground drinking and gambling establishments. Oh yeah, now we're talking.

    7) Puke on the people behind the legislation in the first place. The Brick and Mortar houses, race track sports establishments and the religious right. I plan to vomit in as many of these establishments as possible. I say ruin their gd carpets.

    8) Protest creatively. Create some nice proposition bets related to heckling the political hacks that fell for this drivel.

    9) Start a run on US Banking. Ooooh, I like that one. Let's pick a day and withdraw everything from our accounts. Get all online US gamblers to withdraw every penny from their banking institution on day number 270. Burn baby burn.

    10) Groove on the rubble. Yeah, let's groove on the rubble.

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